BYOD Benefits

BYOD Benefits

This trend, called BYOD can pay off for your business, adding as many as 460 productivity hours a year for each mobile employee. But, first you have to address BYOD security and management challenges. Ignoring BYOD is not a viable option.

Create new opportunities with BYOD
With the right plan and policies, you can create a positive user experience, boost both employee and IT productivity and protect your intellectual capital:

  • Ensure anytime, anyplace, any-device access to corporate resources
  • Shift capital expenses (CAPEX) to operating expenses (OPEX)
  • Keep employee and company data separate to protect employee privacy as well as your data
  • Automate mobile device and laptop management
  • Eliminate daily and/or duplicate IT tasks
  • Modernize your applications and IT infrastructure
  • Secure your data from the device, across the network and in your data center

BYOD benefits: Save the company money, appease workers

BYOD has the potential for big cost savings because organizations that let employees bring their own devices to work don't waste money on corporate phones. Plus, when an employee can work from and use a device of his own choosing, it's more enjoyable than being forced to use a corporate-issued device. That means happier and more productive users. Another another advantag is that it supports a mobile and cloud-focused IT strategy. From their personal mobile devices, employees can access their work in the cloud, further improving productivity.