Cloud Wireless Networks

Parthos IT Cloud Managed Wireless Solutions 

Cloud managed Wireless provides powerful and intuitive centralized management via the cloud, while eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional on-site wireless controllers. The cloud seamlessly manages campus-wide Wi-Fi deployments and distributed multi-site networks with zero-touch access point provisioning, network-wide visibility and control, cloud-based RF optimization, seamless firmware updates and more. With an intuitive browser-based user interface, making WLANs configure in minutes — not days or weeks — without training or dedicated staff.

Mobile Device Management


You need to manage growing workforce expectations around mobility. Your employees use many devices and they expect to use any device or application anytime, anywhere.


What strategies are you using to manage the consumer invasion of mobile devices? You need to help manage cost and risk, meet the goals of the business and keep employees happy. It's a tall order. Don't let workforce demands for mobility outpace the ability of your enterprise.


  • User Expectations: Consumerization of IT is winning. Can I find a way to set business rules for BYOD configurations without frustrating my users?

  • Cost: How much money do I need to reserve for new IT investments to support BYOD programs? How do I contain my costs?

  • Tools: Flexible ways to manage it all. What tools are available to manage and secure company information assets in the BYOD world? How many tools do I need? Can I recycle my company PC tools? Must I resort to the "honor system"?


BYOD without the cost or complexity

User-owned devices have exploded onto networks everywhere, with new iPads, Androids, and smartphones connecting every day. It’s imperative to keep network access secure and apply device-specific policies without opening security holes or causing an undue support burden.

Parthos IT have partnered with Cisco Meraki’s built-in support for BYOD makes it easier than ever to securely support user-owned iPads, tablets, smartphones, and laptops – without extra appliances, licenses, or complex VLAN configurations.