Document Automation

HotDocs is the pioneer and global leader in document generation software, with more than three thousand customers and one million end users in forty countries across the world.

HotDocs technology allows organisations to automate and standardise the production of documents such as legal contracts, agreements, bank lending and leasing documentation, insurance policies and government forms. Time savings and risk reduction are achieved through using HotDocs intuitive design tools to create easy-to-use, customised interviews, which guide users through the creation of complex, or simple documents.

HotDocs clients come from a range of industries, including the legal, financial, public and corporate sectors, with the product range available via desktops, internal servers or in the cloud. HotDocs is an extremely versatile tool that can handle documents of any complexity and can be integrated into any number of other systems, such as document management, CRM, BPM workflow, case management systems and back end databases.

From simple, one page agreement, to complex legal contracts running to hundreds of pages, perfect documents are possible, with HotDocs.

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